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MSN has ben making a lot of changes in its servcies lately, especially those targeted t the individual uers and accessed throguh the internet. The Windows based programs like Outlook has been changed and so has the number of mail servcies offered by the company. Today MSN sign up and Outlook are all under the Windows Live Banner. If you wished to have an Outlook mail account, you van avail of the same easily by creating a universal MSN ID. If you are an existing Hotmail user, you will be able to avail of the same mail servcies by login in throguh

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For Hotmail users several changes have taken place. This popular web based email service was existing from 1996. Since 1997 it moved into the hands of MSN. Today it is under the Windows Live brand that MSN initiated. It is now directly competing with Outlook as well which has also become a web based free email service, something that was tee forte of Hotmail. With so many choices, Hotmail users are confused as to whether they can continue using their mail service like they used to.

It is to be remembered that getting back to old Hotmail is simply a matter of changing the interface and page layout changes. You can do so by following a few simple steps:

  • You need to log into Hotmail by clicking here or Outlook domain. The same can be accessed though as well
  • Once you are on the main page, look for the login section. Using your Hotmail credentials, you will directly get admitted to your mail page
  • Here you might see the MSN home page or the inbox, depending upon your mail settings. These can be changed easily as well.
  • You will see several changes in the inbox as well such as People tab instead of Contacts and other changes.
  • In order to get back the old interface of Hotmail that you are more familiar with, you need to click on the settings drop down list
  • Here you will find the option to switch back to old Hotmail

He changes are mostly cosmetic and your mails will remain in the same folders as before. Once you are familr with the n setup, you will realize its advantages and benefits as well. The e layout offers several advanced features and convenience along with a more secured access to your mails.

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