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Hotmail is a popular web based email service. Even though it started in the late nineties, there are over three hundred million subscribers to this popular email service. At the time it was launched it freed many from the ISP based email services that most people used at that time. Today, in the market of free email services, it is one of the highly popular email service.

hotmailcom login

Easy Access To Hotmail login made it possible for the many users to log on and access their emails from anywhere else in the world. All one needed was a computer with an internet connection and a web browser. That allowed anyone to log onto Hotmail account. However, there were some concerns about the security aspects of Hotmail. It was found that Hotmail accounts were easily hacked into. That compromised the security of the email accounts of the users.  It became one of the limitations of this email service. Being part of MSN portfolio of services, today MSN has taken several steps to enhance the security features of Hotmail.

Secure Login Process

The login process has enhanced security features in order to ensure a secured mailing experience for the users. The login process of Hotmail is an easy one. Here are the ways of going about it:

  • You need to log onto or in order to access your Hotmail account. The Hotmail has become part of the Windows Live brand and it can be accessed through several domains like Live mail or
  • The main page has the sign in section on the right hand side
  • Here you need to type in the username and password
  • You can click on the option of remembering your password or to remember you on the computer. This option can be selected if you are the sole user of the computer
  • In case you have forgotten your password, a two step verification process has been introduced. You can opt to add a cell phone number at the time of registering your account. If you have forgotten your password and wish to reset it, you can opt for a secret code to be sent to your registered cell phone. Once you verify the code, you will be given the access to reset the password. The other step is to receive a mail for resetting your password in the alternate email ID provided.

Additional Verification Layers Can Be Added

The other option is to add an additional layer of proof every time you forget your password. The existing two way verification process helps to beef up the security aspects of Hotmail.

A More Secure Hotmail Today

Today hacking of Hotmail accounts is reduced to a large extent due to additional security measures that have been introduced.

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