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One of the most popular free web based email service offered by Microsoft is Hotmail service. It helps people to stay connected with their friends, relatives, family members and colleagues on the intent. It is a medium used by people to send and receive emails. There have been a lot of changes made by Microsoft to the Hotmail service since its inception. The most interesting change that has taken place to Hotmail service is that it has now been changed to easy to use account. This has been done to offer even better, fast and reliable email service to its clients.

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If you already have a Hotmail account, then you need not have to create a account clicking here to access your mails. You can use your Hotmail username or email address and password to access your mails through Outlook email service. The Outlook free email service from Microsoft is nothing but an upgrade service of Hotmail.

  • To Hotmail login inbox account, you need to just open a new web browser and type You will instantly be taken to the Microsoft Outlook sign in page. You can also access this page if you type or in the web browser. You will be taken to the login page even if you go to the Hotmail site. You will find two type boxes on the right side of the sign in page. Move the mouse pointer on the first type box and click on it. The cursor will start to blink inside the type box. Here, you need to enter your username or the email address that you use to log in to your Hotmail account.
  • Now, press the TAB button on your keyboard and move to the next type box. The cursor will be blinking in the type box just below the email address box. You should enter your password in the second type box. Make sure that you enter the exact password that you had created while opening the sign in Hotmail inbox. As the password is case sensitive, be careful about the letters and special characters you enter in the password type box. Once you are certain that you have entered the username and password correctly, you need to just click on the sign in option given below to enter the inbox of your Hotmail account.

outlook login inbox

Once you enter your Hotmail account, you can carry on with email operations in a similar fashion that you used to do in your Hotmail inbox. If you are using your personal computer or laptop to sign in to Hotmail account, then you can click on the small box next to keep me signed in option. This will help Hotmail to remember your computer and every time you visit the Hotmail sign in page you will just need to enter your password as the username will be seen automatically filled in the sign in page, if not, in this article explain the process to log with 2-steps to mantein safe your account. This will save your valuable time and you can log into your Hotmail account quickly.

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