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If you wish to login to Hotmail, today you might be in a dilemma. There are so many windows that open up and so many possibilities. Before was a pioneering web email service that was launched by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia. After it became sold to MSN, it started appearing under the MSN domain. You needed to find MSN home page and there you will find Hotmail login inbox – sign in hotmail link.

hotmail loginDifferent Ways To Login

Today there are various ways of logging into Hotmail account. You can look for the Hotmail domain which still stands. Besides that, you could opt for the Live mail domain. Alternately, you will be able to login through as well. The MSN home page still stands which provides the fourth option of logging into Hotmail.

Ways To Follow

The process of logging into Hotmail is easy:

  • Find a domain of your choice as per the alternatives given above
  • Once you open any of these pages, the login section may be found on the right hand portion of the main page
  • All you need to do is type in your username and password n order to get access to your Hotmail account
  • While logging in, you could choose the option to remember you on this computer. That can be done if you are not using a shared computer.
  • You could even check on the option to remember your password. That way, your password will appear as soon as you type in your username

hotmail login inbox

Enhanced Security Features

In case you have forgotten your email login details there is a two step verification process:

  • You will be asked the security questions you had entered at the time of registration
  • You will be asked to key in your location details which are registered at the time of signing in
  • If you had provided an alternate email id at the time of registration, the process of resetting your password and the link will be sent to that email ID

These are advanced security measures that have been adopted by Hotmail. Also, the login and logging out sessions are guarded by the HTTPS protocol. That ensures that your information stays safe and is not spied upon.

Changes Many But Basics Remain Same

Hotmail sign in and login process remains the same and has gained more security features today. Even if Windows Live MSN Hotmail might sound new and confusing, the basics remain the same and can be easily figured out.

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