Hotmail Register: Steps to create an account

When you wish to create a Hotmail account today, you would have to log on to Outlook domain of Microsoft. This is the new email service that has been launched by the company. At one time it was a Windows based desktop email service that allowed one to download web based emails onto this platform. Today it has gotten a new avatar under the Live campaign. It has now been launched as a web based email service by Microsoft. What’s more, has been integrated into this platform. As a result, whether you are an existing user or a new user of Hotmail, you will have to login

hotmail register

This domain offers several advantages. You can sign up for a new Hotmail account through the sign in link. When you visit the create account page, you will realize that the username can be a Hotmail address or any existing email address. If you have a Yahoo or Gmail address as well as a registered ID to or Xbox Live the same can be your username for the new account.

The process of sign up hotmail for a new account begins by keying in the first and last name of the user.

  • The username, then needs to be typed in and the availability of the same will be verified by the Microsoft database. You need to choose a password that is at least eight characters long with alphanumeric combination.
  • The password needs to be re entered and verified. Once the password is entered, one then needs to enter the country or region.
  • The next steps require one to fill in particulars such as the date of birth, gender, country code and phone number. The latter is important as often a verification code is sent to the phone number as a text message which then needs to be keyed in. This is part of the two step verification process.

The last steps of create an account consist of entering a captcha code that is provided to ensure that you are a real person creating the account and not an automated software. One also needs to verify the terms and conditions before the account can be created.

Today creating a Hotmail email address on the Outlook domain brings on a host of new features. You will get new features and functions in your inbox including social media account updated that reach your inbox. You can directly communicate with loved ones via the link between your email account and the social media accounts. As a result, you never lose out on the communication reaching your social media sites. The user ID becomes the one access to all Microsoft’s services. By accessing Xbox Live, Skype to One Drive all these features and functions are easy to access with the same user ID. These are added benefits which enhances the email account user experience. The same ID will allow one to access different services and log into their email at the same time.

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