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Hotmail introduced the web based email services that we are so used to today. Launched in 1996, Hotmail has undergone several changes in ownership and technology changes. Today it is part of the MSN group of services and offerings for the web users and has now become known as Windows Live Hotmail. If you wish to know how the Hotmail login inbox is structured and how to access our emails, the steps are mentioned below:

hotmail sign in

  • The first step to login is to open the login page.
  • This can be down by typing the following addresses in the browser window: or or
  • If the page layout looks different, do not fret as MSN keeps changing the layouts as per branding campaigns and changes that are introduced to its different services from time to time
  • The sign in section will appear on the right hand side. Here you need to type in the login details
  • If you own a Windows Live ID and password, type it in and click on the Sign in Hotmail button
  • The Hotmail sign in page has the different options listed for the signing in process
  • After your login is successful, you will see the MSN today home page or the Inbox, depending on the settings of your mail
  • The Home page includes the latest news in images, articles and links. If this is not something you want to see every time you log on, you can skip it and go straight to the inbox by making the changes in your Hotmail settings
  • When you are new to Hotmail, upon logging in, you will find that the unread messages are in bold and the number of unread messages is indicated by each folder
  • The Inbox will have the unread and latest messages displayed on the top
  • If you have not received a message you were expecting, remember to check the junk folder.

When you face problems with the Hotmail sign in page, there is a comprehensive FAQs section on troubleshooting such problems. Often you might forget your password or you are shown the message of the account being closed, which can happen if you have left the account inactive for a long time. Most of the problems and solutions to them are listed on this page for the assistance of the Hotmail users.

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