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The process of signing up for a Hotmail account is easy. This free email service was started way back in the late nineties. At the time Hotmail was introduced it was revolutionary as it presented the first of its kind for web based mail service. Today it is still a free email service that comes with 5GB of storage space and access to the other Windows Live services. All you need to get started is an internet connection and a web browser. You can in Hotmail Sign up account by the following steps:

hotmail sign up

  • You need to start the process by logging onto
  • The home page of the free email service will open up
  • Even if the page layout has changed, there is no reason to fret. You need to find the Sign up link and click on the same
  • Today to createĀ Hotmail account ID you will get will become your Windows Live ID. It will help you get access to other MSN services. All you need to do is fill in the sign up form to get started
  • The sign up form needs to be filled in completely in order to create the Hotmail user account. There are some questions that are marked by the asterisk symbol, indicating that these fields need to be completed without which your registration will not be completed
  • The first step is to choose a unique Windows ID. With the number of users in MSN platform, finding a username that is unique is often a challenge. You can take the suggestions that are offered in choosing an ID that is unique and easily remembered by you
  • The next stage is to choose a password that will be strong enough. In that case, a unique combination of alpha numeric characters will complete the password selection process.

There is other information that is required in order to complete the sign up processĀ here besides choosing the username and password. You will be asked to submit an alternate email id. This is required in case you forget your password at the time of logging in. The other details required are location and a security question. The question you choose and the answer you provide needs to be remembered by you as these details will be asked if you ever forget your password and wish to reset the same. These details will prevent your account from being hacked as well.

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