Outlook 2014 vs Hotmail Account

Those who are Windows users are used to using the Outlook Express program. This mail program for Windows has helped many Windows users to integrate their mail inbox and have their mails on their computer system. It has helped integrate web based email services with the internal hard drive of a computer. Today Outlook is no longer what it was. It has been moved to a web based platform.

outlook vs hotmailcom

About Hotmail

If you look at Hotmail, this is a revolutionary web based email service that was launched in 1996. The next year, with a subscriber base of over eight million, it was sold to Microsoft. As a result, it has been under the MSN banner for many years. Today MSN is integrating most of its mail services and other products under the Windows Live brand. The Live mail program integrates Hotmail and Outlook users and brings them together in one mailing platform.

The New Look Of Hotmail

Today the Hotmail offers several new features such as:

  • The security feature has been enhanced in this mail service. The HTTPS protocol will be guarding all the sessions of Hotmail for the users
  • There are several free web apps of Microsoft Office that are being made accessible to Hotmail users. You will be able to edit, share and view office documents without having to download them onto your computer. The documents will be in the Hotmail cloud thus, you can view and edit documents anywhere

Features Offered By Outlook

Outlook 2014 vs Hotmail Account on the other hand, has also added on new features and interfaces for the users:

  • It is optimized for use in Windows 8 as well as for mobile devices
  • You can easily share mail and other features through social media sites
  • Outlook has now become a free email service instead of the email program of Windows like it used to be.

Changes For MSN Users

Microsoft has become a player in the free email market by offering all its different email services under the Live platform. It has integrated the MSN Hotmail accounts as well as made Outlook a web based email service. If you have a MSN account, you will be able to access it either through Hotmail or through Live mail. The Outlook.com domain allows Hotmail users to login as well. Those who have been Hotmail users can switch to Outlook. The social media integration, customization options and unlimited storage are some of the new enhanced features of Outlook that Hotmail users can avail of.

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